How can I create consolidated shipments?

Have the Invoice or Trade Numbers of the devices to ship handy. All the traded-in devices in your possession should have printouts with the reference numbers for each transaction.
Phobio Reference Numbers are either:

  • INVOICE NUMBERS: 11-digit numbers which start with a “30” or
  • TRADE NUMBERS: 11-digit numbers which start with a “20”

You can find those numbers on the PRINTOUTS which are stored with the devices (depending on the type of printout):Screen_Shot_2017-10-23_at_3.05.34_PM.png

STEP 1: Click Shipments link under the Processing tab

STEP 2: Click the Create Shipment button

STEP 3: Click the Add Invoices to Shipment button


A list of the trade-ins available for shipment will display.
Add the Invoices to the Shipment by either:

  • Finding the Invoice # in the list and click the Add To Shipment button
  • SCAN or TYPE IN the Trade or Invoice Number into the field at the top right.

STEP 5: When all your trades to ship have been added, click the Done button.


Your shipment has been created.
Click Print Shipment Packing List to include in your package with the devices, and Print Label to print out the Shipping Label to affix to the package.

STEP 7: Set Status as Shipped

Click the Set As Shipped button to set the status of the shipment as “shipped.”

STEP 8: Pack up the devices and ship them in.


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